Tana Delta Integrated Project (Rice)

Tana Delta Integrated Project (Rice)

TDIP is located some 110km north of Malindi town. The project area lies on the left bank of the river Tana River from Sailoni in the north east, where the TDIP intake is constructed and stretches south east towards Oda. The area stretches rather narrowly on the left bank of the Tana river from the northern end village, Sailoni, to the southern end village, Gomesa, with an approximate length of 25km and a width of about 5km at the widest.

TDIP is located in the most downstream part of the basin falling between 2° 10′ and 2°30′ S and between 40°10′ E and 40°20′ E. The physiography of the area is represented by the semi-arid climate of annual rainfall of about 600 mm, the vast unutilized but potential land endowed with flat topography, predominance of alluvial soils suitable for agriculture, abundant river water flow, with occasional annual flooding reaching of 1-3m deep in most of the area. The area is deemed to be quite suitable for a large scale agricultural development especially for the intensive rice cultivation under the irrigated condition.

The Tana Delta Integrated Project (Rice) encompasses the development of 5,000Ha of gravity fed rice irrigation aimed at addressing food security and improved livelihoods. The overall plan proposes to develop the land of about 5,000Ha in total to be distributed in two (2) polders, i.e. Polder-1 (4,400Ha) and Polder-2 (600Ha).

The project is intended to provide equitable and sustainable basin based development and land utilization, create wealth and build capacity for development of the sector.

The scope of the planned project rehabilitation and expansion works entails:

  • Rehabilitation and expansion of irrigation infrastructure,
  • Restoration of irrigation water supply by construction of Kitere weir,
  • Repair of dykes and river brooks damaged during recent floods,
  • Rehabilitation of estate compound/buildings, rice mill
  • Procure farm machinery and equipment
  • Operation and maintenance equipment.

The estimated project cost for rehabilitating the project is Kshs.20.20 billion. These funds will be required to commence rehabilitation of water intake and supply infrastructure, on-farm activities (rehabilitation of irrigation canals and bush clearing), farm operations consisting of purchase of farm inputs, rehabilitation of rice mills and farm machinery and expansion of land under irrigation to attain full development.

TARDA plans to enter into a Joint Venture with a private investor to engage in development and sustainable management and operation of rice value chain production in Tana delta area.


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