Kiambere Irrigation Project

Kiambere Irrigation Project

The Kiambere Irrigation Project was conceptualized in 1996 as part of Kiambere Multipurpose Reservoir in Mbeere District; approx. 13250Ha of land was acquired to form buffer zone environs around the reservoir. Out of this 13250Ha, 2500Ha are occupied by Kiambere reservoir.

The project is located approximately 200km from the capital city of Nairobi and falls within the jurisdiction of both Embu and Kitui County Governments. It can be accessed by road or via an airstrip located on site. The Pilot irrigation project was conceptualized to establish suitable crops for the area on a 200Ha of land.

A feasibility study and detailed design of the project was done in 1990. The farm draws water from Kiambere reservoir with three installed identical pumping units. The crops grown under irrigation include fruit trees and horticultural crops. Kiambere farm is utilized for food security preferably sorghum, green peas & Soya for crop rotation and green energy production.

Project objective: To produce commercial maize and other nutritional crops for food securities and production of 40MW of solar power connected to the National grid.

Project Benefits: To produce High nutrition grains like sorghum, green peas and soya beans produced as crop rotation alternatives for maize. The project will also assist in technology transfer through the provision of good quality seed/planting materials to farmers thus addressing food security.

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