Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the Chairman of the Board, five (5) independent directors and six (6) Alternate Directors representing; Alternate Director to the Cabinet Secretary National Treasury; Alternate Director to the General  Manager National Irrigation Authority; Alternate Director to Principal Secretary Ministry of Water & Sanitation and Irrigation; Alternate Director to the  Principal Secretary Ministry of Environment & Forestry; Alternate Director to the Principal Secretary Ministry of East African Community & Regional Development and Designated Representative of the Honorable Attorney General , State Law Office. The Board also has the chairperson of Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd (KPLC) and one (1) representative from the Inspectorate of State Corporations.

The Board Members

Committees of the Board

Committees of the Board:

The Board has established the following standing committees: –

  1. Governance, Audit and Risk Committee
  2. Finance and Supply Chain Committee
  3. Planning and Natural Resources Conservation Committee
  4. Human Resources and Administration Committee
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