Kiambere Multipurpose Reservoir

Kiambere Multipurpose Reservoir

The Kiambere multipurpose reservoir commissioned in 1988 is situated 220km North East of Nairobi. It has a 585 million cubic metres of water equipped with a natural spillway, a low-level outlet at the main dam and an emergency spillway. The emergency spillway is provided for to mitigate against floods.

The objectives of the reservoir are to enhance food security, produce hydro-energy, river flow and flood regulation and boost Eco-tourism within the Masinga area.

Infrastructure constructed during the development of Kiambere reservoir include:

  • 60 Km road from Kamburu to Kiambere market.
  • Commercial airstrips of 1 km tarmac stretch at Kiambere.
  • A Police Station with Staff quarters at

TARDA also opened up a Commercial Oriented Pilot Project for farming systems, including crops and livestock activities namely; Kiambere Irrigation Project and Kiambere Honey Refinery Project.

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