Emali Livestock Multiplication Programme

Emali Livestock Multiplication Programme

Emali livestock project was established in 1987 as a livestock improvement centre. The farm is located at Emali, Mashuru sub county, Kajiado County. The Project undertakes multiplication of improved dairy cattle production of Ayrshire, Friesian, Sahiwal cattle and their crosses and dorper sheep within 200Ha of range land.


Improved Superior dairy breeding bull in Emali

The project is committed to livestock development in the area and the country through; Sustainable livestock selection, breeding and rearing of dairy cattle, artificial insemination for selected dairy animals using semen from Central Artificial Insemination Station (C.A.I.S.) – Kabete , fodder and feed conservation, modern milk processing technology, animal husbandry techniques and extension services. Cattle’s breeding is through artificial inseminations.

The objectives of the program are to promote development of the livestock industry by making available superior and affordable breeds, to impact better livestock management skills and to create employment opportunities to the surrounding communities thereby improving their living standards.

Selected breeding dairy cows under synchronized calving programme

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