The Proposed Development Of Head Office Twin Tower At Upperhill, Nairobi

Portfolio Description

The Proposed Development of Head Office Twin Tower At Upperhill, Nairobi

TARDA owns a plot at Upper Hill Plot number 209/10593 which measures 0.672Ha (1.7 acres). The land tenure is for a leasehold term of 99 years from 1986.

The property is situated along Kigali Road, off Mara Road and Chyulu roads in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area, approximately 3.1 Kms from and to the South West of the City Centre of Nairobi. The plot is bordered on three sides by developed plots while the fourth border facing the road is fenced in chain link on concrete poles with a steel gate. The plot boundaries are marked by either chain-link on cedar posts fence with mature natural hedge reinforcement or neighbor’s stone block walls. There are currently no developments on the site. Mains for water supply, electricity and sewer are connected to the property.


The project will involve construction of a high-rise office building of about 50,800m2 comprising of thirty five (35) floors. The complex will house TARDA’s Regional Centre that is currently housed on the rented premises at the City Centre.

The Regional Resource Center will offer a one-stop for regions’ integrated development plans, international conference facilities and stakeholders’ forum for coordinated planning and development. It will also provide a link for Regional (County) and National planning. The Centre would serve as the focal point for both local and international liaison in integrated river basin management.

Current Status:

TARDA procured Consultancy services and prepared Concept Designs and Construction cost estimates for proposed project. To actualize the project, the Authority wishes to procure a development venture for the Plot through a Joint Venture (JV) model.

Project Cost: The total project cost is estimated to be Kshs.4.3 billion.

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