Narumoru Dam and Irrigation Infrastructure

Narumoru Dam and Irrigation Infrastructure

The NaruMoru Irrigation project is located in Kieni East district and will benefit an estimated 13,000 households in Narumoru, Kamburaini and Kiamathage locations. The irrigation project will cover an estimated net irrigation area of 1300Ha. Narumoru dam has been identified as the water source for the proposed irrigation project. The Dam will be located on Narumoru South River.

The project area covers eight (8) community self-help irrigation projects namely: Kigama, Kabendera, Kabunda, Kihoto, Kirika, Gitwe, NaroMoru and Aguthi/Ndiriti. These projects were developed between 1974 and 1999 mainly through self-help initiatives of the local communities, Government and donor funding. Originally Kihoto, Kirika, and Gitwe had a single source and the single project was referred to as Kamburaini Irrigation Water Project. Kigama, Kabendera and Kabunda were also originally developed as a single domestic water project referred to as Mwicuiri Water Project while Ndiriti/Aguthi and Narumoru were referred to as Aguthi Water Project by upgrading the Aguthi Ranch water furrow to a piped system.

To meet the irrigation demand of the proposed 1,300Ha, it is proposed that a dam with a net storage of 7.5MCM be constructed at the proposed site. The dam will regulate the flow to meet the annual irrigation demand of the proposed project. A dam with net storage height of 85m is proposed at the dam site. The dam will impound a reservoir covering 23Ha. The proposed Narumoru dam is 85m high earth embankment with net storage height of 80m. The estimated reservoir volume is 6.4Mm3

The project will come along with many benefits which  include: Employment opportunities, gains in the local and national economy, increased efficiency in services provided to the people, storage of storm water which could otherwise go to waste, attainment of efficient and sufficient irrigation system independent of seasonal water fluctuation, optimal use of land, increased food security, increased emergence of social amenities and services in the area, use of best technologies that will ensure environmental and social sustainability in the project area such as reduced need for forest based economic activities such as charcoal burning and use of firewood for fuel.

The estimated cost of the project is US$ 174.93 million

Current Project Status

Letter of notification of award was issued to Sinotec Consortium for a contract sum of US $ 174,931,092.02 inclusive of taxes and levies. A letter of acceptance has also been received from Sinotec. Contract negotiations are concluded and forwarded to Attorney General (AG) for approval .

Sinotec Consortium had also submitted a Funding Proposal from a Financial, which were forwarded to Treasury for negotiations. Once the funding negotiations are concluded and accepted by Treasury and the draft Contract is approved by the Attorney General, then the Works Contract will be signed between TARDA and Sinotec Consortium.

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